AllSfär acquire Creatif Acoustics
We are delighted to announce that Creatif Acoustics has been acquired by renowned acoustics PET manufacturer AllSfär, along with the on-boarding of one of Creatif’s founding directors Dwight Bailey.

This is great news for our customers that are looking to create acoustically comfortable, harmonius, distraction-free workspace environments.

With more than 15 years combined experience in the world of workspace acoustics, AllSfär and Creatif Acoustics have one goal in mind: to offer customers truly innovative solutions for creating acoustically comfortable workspaces with design-led acoustic solutions, promoting wellbeing, happiness, success and enhancing the overall environment.

In this blog post we will dig into the details behind the acquisition as well as what it means for our valued customers.

Overview of AllSfär and Creatif Acoustics
AllSfär are a young dynamic company with unrivalled expertise and capacity in the manufacture of PET-based acoustic products. As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly workspaces continues to grow, AllSfär have taken a lead in expanding their offering of innovative PET-based acoustic products that are manufactured from their headquarters and factory in Watford, UK. Their products are made from recycled polyester fibres, giving new life to post-consumer plastic waste.

Creatif Acoustics, a UK-based company, has carved out a niche in the realm of acoustic solutions with a dedicated focus on innovative and design-led products. Driven by a mission to create acoustically comfortable and effective workspace environments, and working with the largest design & build office fit-out companies and architects, Creatif Acoustics’ solutions are renowned for enhancing wellbeing, happiness, and productivity. Their bespoke designs not only ensure auditory comfort but also contribute to the visual aesthetics of a workspace. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and their expertise in sound management has earned them recognition and a loyal customer base, making them an ideal addition to AllSfär’s growing family.

The synergy between these two companies will give rise to a truly exceptional offering in the realm of workspace solutions.

How will Creatif Acoustics’ products integrate with AllSfär’s products and solutions
Creatif Acoustics is well-known for providing high-quality acoustic solutions for workspace – with the acquisition by AllSfär, they are taking it up a notch. AllSfär’s in-house manufacturing expertise combined with innovative product development approach is going to be perfectly integrated with Creatif Acoustics’ existing products, solutions. This means that workspace designers will benefit from a significantly enhanced product range, sourced direct from the manufacturer. AllSfär’s acquisition of Creatif Acoustics will set a new standard for workspace acoustic innovation.

The combined strengths and resources, mean that customers will not only benefit from an enhanced product portfolio but improved customer service and experience too. Customers can expect greater product choice with more variety, faster response times to queries and concerns, and shorter lead-time from order to install. With the combination of the two companies, the end result will be an improvement in value, service, and overall customer satisfaction.

What happens to Creatif Moving Walls?
Creatif’s moving walls division has not been acquired by AllSfär. This side of the business continues to be run and managed by Creatif Architectural Products Ltd with no change to the products or service levels. All our customers can expect to experience continuity in terms of service and product range and Dwight Bailey remains involved, for the time being, to support the ongoing sucess of the moving walls business.

This acquisition is a hugely exciting step forward for all concerned, providing customers with invaluable benefits from the combination of these two companies. Looking forwards, you can expect to see the introduction of new acoustic products and solutions enabled by AllSfär’s cutting-edge design and manufacture capabilities along with Creatif Acoustics’ market knowledge and project experience.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and – AllSfär are committed to supporting you with your acoustic requirements ongoing and ensuring you benefit from this new arrangement in every way.

Should you have any questions, please contact AllSfär at any time (, or email directly.

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