Need acoustic comfort?

Products designed to enhance acoustic comfort by absorbing, blocking and covering sound. Reducing distractions, increasing privacy and improving wellness.

AllSfär have acquired Creatif Acoustics

Recent Projects

Acoustic comfort provided within several meeting rooms using ReSound acoustic panels and Mellow polyester-based solutions.

ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts integrated beautifully with planters and various lighting types.

Aesthetically pleasing sound absorbency delivered thanks to ReSound acoustic walls panels and printed Mellow ceiling rafts.

Harnessing the versatility of Mellow polyester panels to create a number of different acoustic solutions.

Mellow acoustic ceiling baffles used to reduce reverberation in an open plan educational space.

Mellow acoustic ceiling baffles printed to match an interior featuring a variety of wooden textures.

Mellow acoustic ceiling baffles printed to match an interior featuring a variety of wooden textures.

Acoustic ceiling rafts created with ReSound, along with Mellow polyester rafts and suspended screens.

Using ReSound and Mellow to provide flexible space in a variety of spaces within the same office.

Mellow polyester and ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts enhance acoustics, combined with static panels to divide open plan space.

An arrangement of vertically-suspended acoustic ceiling baffles made from Mellow acoustic polyester.

Horizontally-suspended acoustic ceiling baffles created using eco-friendly Mellow polyester.

Acoustic solutions across multiple floors.

Visually impactful ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles.

Acoustics infused with lighting created using Mellow.

Utilising our versatile Mellow material as an attractive acoustic wall covering.

Simple and effective acoustic comfort using ReSound ceiling rafts.

Effective acoustic ceiling treatment using ReSound Baffles and Rafts.

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