Auto Trader, Manchester

Creating space flexibility with lightweight Float Mellow panels.

When it comes to workspaces, Auto Trader has been credited with providing some of the best in the UK for its employees – and despite not being as large as its much-talked-about London offices, Auto Trader’s Manchester site is no different.

Creatif was lucky enough to work on this initial project when we installed one of our market-leading moving walls. So when Wagstaff Interiors was tasked with delivering additional workspace for the Manchester site, the fit out experts once again sought our expertise when the need for a lightweight room divider within a large, open plan breakout area arose.

In addition to acting as a functional divider of space, a key part of this brief was being able to match the finishes of the wall to the existing soft furnishings. To tackle this, there was only one choice; Float. The agile panel system divides areas up in a matter of seconds with minimal effort. And so that the walls’ panels matched the interior, Mellow – Creatif’s semi-rigid acoustic panels – was used.

The huge range of colours made matching the furnishings an easy task yet the ability to water-jet cut any shape into the panels left Wagstaff’s design team with some thinking to do. Ultimately, they opted for a simple repeating pattern to allow light transfer within the space. And with Mellow being a sound absorber, it helped eliminate unwanted noise.

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