Bluecoat Academy, Nottingham

Solo moving walls and ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts used to create the perfect performance stage.

A school with an outstanding reputation needs a moving wall for its auditorium. So where does the contractor overseeing the fit out go? To a company with an outstanding reputation for delivering moving walls, of course. Bluecoat Academy in Nottingham has been in existence in one form or another since 1706 and takes pride in being able to offer its students the very best space to achieve academic success.

Well aware of that, contractor J Tomlinson approached Creatif to provide a Solo moving wall. The brief was clear: A large auditorium needed a central, movable, dividing wall installed to enable to the space to be split in two.

The wall must have high acoustic integrity, yet be simple to open and close.

With that in mind, the semi-automatic version of our Solo system was the ideal choice, thanks to its ease of use and high acoustic rating.

The second issue that we were asked to deal with was the potential for excessive noise and reverberation within the space.

An abundance of hard shiny surfaces and a high ceiling void will create excessive reverberation, which isn’t great for a space used for the performing arts.

The solution was simple: the addition of ReSound, Creatif’s Class A rated acoustic ceiling rafts.

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