BSI, London

Setting the standard for acoustic excellence with Class A ReSound ceiling baffles.

The BSI Group is the national standards body of the UK and knows a thing or two about making excellence a global standard.

Recently, it had become clear that the Group’s main meeting space, the G1 Theatre in Chiswick, was unable to meet the demands of a modern workspace and its users.

The hall’s circular shape, a dome shaped recess and the abundance of wood-panelled ceiling tiles created a poor acoustic environment that made it nigh on impossible to host large-scale meetings and video conferences.

After visiting the site and reviewing the design proposals, we agreed on the necessary steps to make the space fit for purpose. The wooden tiles were ripped out and within the confines of the elliptical recess, we fitted 142 ReSound baffles.

These Class A acoustic absorbers were fabric wrapped and, per the plans, were all of varying lengths. This meant that accuracy was vital at all stages of this project, and our expert team was more than up to the task.

The production and installation of all the fabric-wrapped baffles were completed successfully, with the finished work transforming the facility into one that can hold over 100 people and host a variety of events.

In short, we helped deliver a modern conference facility befitting of the BSI Group’s world-leading status.

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