Caledonia Campus, Balmedie

Mellow acoustic ceiling baffles used to help create an exceptional educational space.

Established in 2003, the Focus Learning Trust is a network of nearly thirty independent schools across the United Kingdom.

Of course, staff and students alike need a creative and stimulating place to learn and work in, and Anchorpoint was brought in to redesign the Trust’s northernmost school. Anchorpoint’s brief was clear; create an environment that would embrace cutting-edge teaching methods and aid student development. But as anyone who has been in a classroom will atest to, one of the biggest problems barriers to learning is the abundance of noise…

So, with that in mind, we were invited to provide a solution to that very problem.

Mellow ceiling baffles and wall panels were chosen to act as sound absorbers throughout the school. Carefully positioned in classrooms and collaborative working zones, these acoustic absorbers help to combat noise pollution and reverberation, creating stress-free spaces for the staff and children to work.

The Trust’s vision states it aims to provide a high quality of education for all its students. This new space does exactly that.

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