Cardiff Business Council

Gliding Skim panels with a stunning array of impactful graphics.

Cardiff Business Council has a big brief… to promote Cardiff as a world-class destination for business and tourism on nothing less than a global scale. Their new offices designed by Paramount reflect these aspirations, with a considered and totally original take on workspace design.
Creating just another office was never an option. The interior layout and specification had to reflect the very essence of the city and indeed the Cardiff Business Council itself. This is a community with a great story to tell, a vibrant culture and an appetite for change. The headquarters of the Cardiff Business Council had to get that message across in a sophisticated way.

Creatif Skim with soft, sound absorbent panel faces and lively graphics was the perfect choice. Lightweight aluminium frames, each sized precisely to suit the building, are infilled with a sound-absorbent core and finished either side with a super-strong tensioned fabric skin.

A key criterion was flexibility as this space has to work hard hosting a variety of meetings and events. Large Creatif Skim panels on concealed ceiling tracks can be slid aside at the stroke of a finger to open up or divide off state-of-the-art conference and office facilities in minutes. The crowning glory is the fabulous graphics. They quite literally tell a story – and as the Cardiff Business Council grows and prospers, the fabric graphics can be simply peeled out and replaced in minutes.

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