Creating a Calm Workspace: The Application of Mellow Acoustic Polyester in Workspace Design


Gone are the days when workspaces were purely functional spaces without any consideration for aesthetics or employee wellbeing. Today, it has become increasingly important for the workplace to earn the commute and to support the wellness of the employees when they get there. It entails designing a workspace that is not only efficient and functional but also inviting, calming, and conducive to wellbeing.

Workspace designers and architects have realised the significance of acoustic zones, neighbourhoods, and sensory appeal, and are searching for design language and functionality that can cater to the needs of the modern workforce. One such material that is increasing in its application to support employee wellness in the workspace (especially as a truly effective acioustic solution) is our Mellow Acoustic Polyester. In this blog post, we discuss how this amazing material can be implemented into the worksplace to create environments that enhance the overall acoustic performance and sensory appeal.

Why Polyester?

Acoustic polyester is a material that has been tried, tested and certified as an effective acoustic absorber. Along with its acoustic capability, Mellow Acoustic Polyester can be efficiently manipulated and processed to create a huge array of products such as ceiling rafts, lattices, wall panels with trendy groove patterns etched into the face, suspended screens for acoustic space zoning, or just applied flat onto a surface as a soft-finish for sound absorption.  The soft texture and aesthetic appeal of acoustic polyester also adds tremendous design appeal to the workspace too.

Designing a workspace that offers effective acoustic environments that enhance and promote wellness is crucial for companies that value employee wellbeing because it reduces absenteeism, retains staff and attracts top-talent. Multiple studies have shown that exposure to noise in the workplace leads to increased levels of job stress and reduced job satisfaction, not to mention the distractions and time taken to re-focus that occur all too easily in a poorly-designed acoustic space. Mellow Acoustic Polyester can contribute significantly to resolving these challenges. 

What is Polyester?

Polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles – consequently it ticks many boxes in terms of sustainability. Bottles are processed into flakes, the flakes are made into fibres, colour is added and then the fibres are compressed to create the Mellow Acoustic panels as we know them now.

Read more about this unqiue process here:


In conclusion, the modern workplace has to incorporate acoustic solutions – this is no longer an option but a must! 

The unrivaled design capabilities of Mellow Acoustic Polyester make it a useful and essential medium for designers creating calm workspaces that enhance acoustic performance, promote wellness and, most importantly, earn the commute of its employees into the office. 

Companies that invest in the acoustic design of the workspace are more likely to see an improvement in employee productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction, leading to employee retention and top-talent attraction too.

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