Emporio Skin

Premium surface covering for Solo moving walls

Emporio Skin is an innovative premium collection of exclusive Italian designs to suit the demand for material surfaces, featuring 12 high end decors with natural finishes that evoke tactile and realistic sensations.

The Emporio Skin collection is based on the beauty reflected in the natural textures of wood, stone and linen. This collection is available exclusively through Creatif for use as a moving wall surface finish with our Solo system.

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4 woodgrains feature in this collection.

The woodgrain surfaces create a premium look with a high end print quality. The boards achieve the full sensory experience.

Whether you are looking for the latest in-vogue style or searching for understated elegance, these woodgrains deliver something just a little bit different.

6 stone designs feature in this collection.

Neither style nor colour scheme are a hindrance here with designers finding ways to make these decors the focal point in rooms. Bare, precious and versatile are the key words with these fantastic stone decors.

These decors make a powerful impact due to the intricate details and because of the striking colour tones. These distinguished stone effects offer a sense of style & elegance.

2 fabric designs feature in this collection.

The refined surfaces, which recall the texture of a soft knitted grid, give rise to modern fabrics, perfect for dressing the sleeping area with style and elegance.‎


2451 DE Carbon Fumo

2452 DE Carbon Bianco

D2107 DV Ritmonio

D5428 DV Caracalla Ardesia

D4991 GD Pegaso Autentico

D4758 CB Argilla

D4994 GD Pegaso Elegante

D4992 GD Pegaso Cordiale

D5456 CB Bronzo

D5450 CB Lava

D4756 SX Grisaglia

D6574 SX Grigio Tessuto