Float - Storing Panels Remotely

With the Float Agile Sliding Panel system it is possible to have panels housed remotely out of the way in a cupboard, alcove or cubby-hole.

The benefit to remote panel stacking is that the space can be utilised in the best possible way for maximum utilisation and efficiency. With panels out of the way, staff get to completely open up the workspace, therefore creating a very usable area not impaired by the presence of panels.

When the area is to be divided up into multiple spaces, or when the workforce require a wall surface to write on for enhanced collaboration, panels can be brought from their housing and secured in place along the head track using the foot-operated floor bolt system. Create rooms, make 3rd spaces, or zone a complete area one minute, and stack the panels away the next – Float creates the opportunity for complete space flexibility and choice.

With Float, there is no limit as to where the panels can be housed. Whereever there is head track, there the panels can go – whether it’s to the corner of a room, one end of the opening (as image below shows), or away into an obscure cupboard (as image above illustrates).

It is important, however, to consider what impact extensive head tracks would have on the ceiling layout – mechanical and electrical services, ceiling features, acoustic suspended ceiling products etc all need to be analysed when considering where track needs to be to situated to enable panel transportation to their stack housings without obstruction.

Fixed partitions and other potential obstacles in the line of Float panel travel should also be considerd – it is possible to route head tracks around immovable obstacles which serves to enhance Float’s space reconfigurability.

For assistance with designing a Float configuration with or without remote panel stack housings, please reach out to one of the Creatif consultants.