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Float Agile Sliding panels enable reconfigurable and flexible workspaces to be created, offering a wide range of options for users. This increases choice, control and autonomy to allow staff to tailor the working environment to their specific work needs. The use of these panels also offers improved wellbeing by providing acoustically sound and comfortable environments when the panels incorporate fabric surfaces. In addition, Float enhances productivity by creating more conducive settings to work in without fixing the layout and flow of the space.

By integrating sliding panels into workspace schemes, users can benefit from these advantages, allowing them to configure their space with ease and convenience. Furthermore, the use of such panels is an effective way to create visually fun and attractive workspaces that help in retention and attraction of top-talent.

This article is a display of some our favourite installations. Enjoy and be inspired by Float…

Panels that enhance and support collaborative working experiences

Writable surfaces are ideal for group-based tasks such as brainstorming sessions and presentations. Float panels can be made as a moveable sliding whiteboard, at the same time as configuring  the space to act as a sub-divding wall.

Our drywipe and back-painted glass finishes also come with optional handy magnetic capabilities built in.

Soft aesthetics and design appeal with Float Fabric Stitch

Create an infintely beautiful and elegant design aesthetic by upholstering our Float sliding panels with acoustic foam and fabric.
Adding stitching details creates sophistication and enables the designer to make something unique for the space.
Utilise the massive choice of fabric colours from Camira Blazer or Abbotsford Classic Melton, and get in touch with us to discuss stitch designs that we can create for your Float project.  

Float with Mellow Timber Slats for increased noise diffusion…

…which is a big benefit in any workspace interior. 

Applied to our Mellow acoustic polyester (available in any of the 17 colour options) absorption is achieved too… these acoustic concepts working together on a Float agile sliding panel that creates re-configurable and highly flexible spaces too. Very innovative!
And we can’t forget that the timber is available in almost any colour. See more of our Mellow Timber Slats by clicking here.

Float Mellow

Using Mellow panels in conjunction with our Float rollers and track system, creates aesthetically pleasing flexible spaces that can be configured and re-configures.

Mellow comes in a range of 17 colours, and we are able to incorporate bespoke cut-outs into the Mellow panels.

Float Mellow agile sliding panels combine acoustic absorption, aesthetics and flexibility in one.

Aluminium frames and Mesh panels

A popular aesthetic, aluminium frames can incorporate a variety of surface materials such as aluminium sheet with varying hole sizes to provide a robust and stylish finish.

Aluminium components can be painted to any RAL colour, and panels can be split into sections to allow for combinations of finishes… moss, cork, Mellow acoustics, drywipe laminates (and anything else you can think of). Click here to view some of these options. See some of the perforated aluminium finishes by clicking here

Class A acoustic panels

Improve the acoustics within your environment by combining Float with our Class A ReSound Acoustic Panels, wrapped in market-leading fabrics from Camira, Kvadrat and Abbortsford.

As well as providing additional acoustic comfort, the wide range of market-leading fabrics on offer provide an endless amount of design opportunities. Custom fabrics are available on request.

Natural materials such as moss, foliage, bark and much more

Bring the outside in with our wide range of moss and foliage finishes, without the hassle of watering!

We are also able to offer stunning charred timber and natural bark finishes – all of which can be combined to create something truly unique.

To take a closer look at some of the natural finish please click here.

Bespoke printed graphics

Creating a visual statement within your interior space is made possible with Float by applying custom printed graphics to the face of the panels.

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