Freeths, Sheffield

Acoustic comfort provided within several meeting rooms using ReSound acoustic panels and Mellow polyester-based solutions.

Leading solicitors firm, Freeths, employs more than 1,000 staff members across 12 UK sites – including one in the city centre of Sheffield, which Denton was appointed to fit out in 2023.

Creatif was brought on board to provide a number of acoustic solutions across multiple meeting spaces within the offices – all of which feature a number of full-height windows and solid walls, resulting in excessive sound reverberation.

In one of the larger meeting rooms, a lack of wall space due to the large windows offering views across the city meant ceiling-hung panels were the ideal choice. ReSound acoustic rafts have been installed alongside strip lighting within a void to sit flush with the ceiling. The rafts offer an improved acoustic comfort level by soaking up unwanted sound that is reflected back into the room when multiple users are present.

All meeting rooms are fully fitted with wall-mounted teleconferencing hardware, behind which ReSound acoustic wall panels have been installed to ensure clarity when calls are taking place.

All of the acoustic panels used are wrapped in market-leading fabric from Camria’s Blazer range, complimenting the soft seating used to furnish the space.

One of these wall-mounted ReSound installations also features Mellow Timber Slat panels on either side, offering further acoustic absorbency with a natural wood finish.

Mellow Groove panels have been applied within one of the office’s smaller meeting spaces,  featuring a simple and stylish vertical line design from top to bottom, seamlessly covering an entire wall of the room.

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