General Vacuum, Heywood

A minimalist, slim Clarity moving wall installation.

Selling high-value machinery worldwide demands a special kind of sales approach. To deliver a truly excellent customer experience, this international company chose Clarity single glazed moving walls from Creatif as an integral part of a customer suite comprising café, lounge area, conference room and uninterrupted views of the pristine factory.

The Clarity range delivered transparency, ease of operation and the desired ambience of sheer quality. The track was recessed up into the MF/suspended ceiling grid and was visible only as a discreet shadow gap. A twin point suspension system was selected which had the benefit of reducing panel swing when being opened and closed. Because the panels are so slim – only 35mm – stack bay dimensions were kept to an absolute minimum.

At one end a full height pass door was incorporated complete with elegant back-to-back stainless steel D-handles. All other panels can be easily fixed in position using our patented, foot-operated shoot bolt.

Installation was carried out in two phases – first the track, and then at the end of the programme only a few weeks later we installed the panels. Manifestation was applied by the main contractor.

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