Handelsbanken, Leeds

Creating acoustic calm with Solo acoustic moving walls and ReSound acoustic panels and rafts.

Handelsbanken is one of the major Swedish banks, with over 460 brances in its native country. However, the Stockholm-based firm also has a sizeable presence in the United Kingdom and in 2015, the bank decided to refurbish its British base in Leeds.

Already with a great design in mind, Handelsbanken approach Wagstaff to realise this Scandanavian-inspired scheme, and Creatif was brought on board to ensure the space was acoustically perfect. This complex scheme featured a variety of finishes, LEDs, large graphics and, luckily, a careful consideration of its acoustic needs.

Working with Wagstaff, we supplied and installed a variety of wall- and ceiling-mounted ReSound panels and a 53 dB-rated Solo moving wall for optimum space efficiency.

A distinguishing feature of this project was the meticulous attention given by Wagstaff’s site manager and our own fitters to the setting. All the various, individual elements had to be perfectly aligned to do full justice to this decepetively simple scheme. A truly effective minimalist design has to be constructed to a far higher degree of perfection than so-called ‘rustic’ schemes and a great example of this is the ‘tree’ feature constructed by wrapping custom-cut acoustic wall panels in three shades of Camira Blazer fabric and then bonding them to a curved wall with total precision!

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