How to Operate a Solo Moving Wall

Creatif’s Solo moving wall system is helping to create flexible workspace in thousands of locations across the UK and beyond. The system is easy to operate by a single user, and the below walks you through exactly how to do it in 90 seconds – so grab your operating handle and let’s get started!

It is normal to feel a level of resistance when turning the operating handle, however it is always better to be safe rather than sorry – if the handle does not turn without excessive force it is possible there may be an issue with the internal mechanism. If you think this might be the case, please contact us to arrange a maintenance visit.

At Creatif, we advise all moving wall systems (regardless of size, specification and manufacturer) are serviced by a professional every 6-12 months. We offer a number of Servicing & Maintenance options to help keep your moving wall system(s) in safe working order.