How to Operate a Solo Semi Automatic Moving Wall

The semi automatic variant of our Solo acoustic moving wall system removes the need for manual winding to release the top and bottom seals on each individual panel, allowing for effortless  reconfiguration of space.

Each panel is fixed in and out of position using a switches found on the profile of each panel, as shown in the instructional video below:

It’s important to allow the internal mechanism of each panel to fully finish operating the seals before; moving the panels (when opening the wall), and before locking additional panels in place (when closing the wall). If there appears to be an issue with any of the panels,  please contact us to arrange a maintenance visit.

We strongly advise all moving wall systems (regardless of size, specification and manufacturer) are serviced by a professional every 6-12 months. We offer a number of Servicing & Maintenance options to help keep your moving wall system(s) in safe working order.