Hutch Games, London

Transparency meets flexibility with our Domino system.

Hutch Games is a leading independent mobile game developer and publisher, and when they wanted a new, bespoke workplace, they contacted fit out specialists AIS Workplace to oversee the project.

With collaboration at the top of Hutch’s wish list for their new office, AIS approached us about the possibility of providing a moving wall to connect different spaces and create a flexible working environment.

AIS’ design made great use of the building’s existing large windows and so, our Domino system was the perfect fit for this stylish fit out. With mechanical seals that don’t require manual operation, Domino is able to configure rooms in minutes.

This was perfect for both AIS and Hutch as it enables staff to open and close the wall easily, meaning different spaces can be configured as and when required.

Sleek, fast, flexible and unlike anything on the market, the Domino system seen here perfectly complements Hutch’s company ethos of innovation.

And not only that, it is ideal for fostering a collaborative working environment that innovative companies need to thrive.

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