Informa, London

A semi-automatic Solo moving wall for provides the ultimate in acoustic comfort and ease of operation.

Informa is a multinational publishing and events company with offices in 43 countries and around 6,500 employees. Their London office is situated in Howick Place – a dramatic new landmark office scheme at the heart of Victoria’s fast-expanding cultural quarter, and required an operable wall suited to this stunning setting capable of separating two of their meeting rooms.

Equally as important as looks was the need for acoustic integrity between rooms. With this in mind, our Solo 125 semi-automatic was the obvious choice – the electronically operated top and bottom panel seals created a tight closure between track and floor, whilst the 55dB rated panels ensured minimum sound transfer from room to room.

With the Kavdrat fabric wrapped faces, reverberated sound is absorbed, therefore removing sound at source and stopping it travelling into the next room.

In conclusion, a 55dB rated wall with fabric facings and semi-automatic operation provides the ultimate in acoustic comfort and operation.

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