Integrating Moving Walls into Meeting Rooms

Integrating a moving wall system into meeting rooms is an excellent way to optimise space and create a more versatile, dynamic environment. However, it is important that the system is implemented in such a way that it looks like a well considered part of the scheme. 

When planning for integration, one of the key considerations is how and where the panels will stack when the wall is not in use. Creating discreet panel stack housings, applying cupboards to hide panels or simply having the panels stacking in a bunch in the room are all options – all have an impact on the aesthetics of the space as well as how the space works. 

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing look, select materials which blend in with the existing scheme. If you have wood panelling in the room, choose a wood effect for your wall. Adding fabric-facings to moving walls can tie in with fabric used on other walls in meeting rooms, for example (as well as creating a lovely aesthetic, acoustic fabric provides enhanced noise absorption reducing reverberation in the rooms and providing the users with a nicer acoustic experience in the room).


Tracks are also a prime consideration – whether surface fixed, recessed ro complete on-show due tot he absence of conventional ceilings tracks can be powder-coated to suit the design scheme. Fixings (if exposed) can also be designed and made to suit project specifics – whether its to make them stand out or blend in. 

Finally, consider how much soundproofing is needed and determine if additional acoustic materials need to be added to the wall system in order to achieve the desired level of sound protection. 

By taking these considerations into account, it is easy to implement a moving wall system in such a way that it looks like a well considered part of the scheme. Doing so will create an attractive and functional meeting space which can be adapted to suit different needs. 

The possibilities are endless with a moving wall system – feel free to discuss your projects with a consultant at Creatif.

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