IT Solutions Provider, London

Reconfigurable space delivered in the form of two Solo moving wall systems, plus an arrangement of Mellow acoustic ceiling rafts.

Active Workplace Solutions was appointed to refurbish the Surrey-based offices of a leading IT solutions provider, enlisting the help of Creatif to manufacture, supply and install acoustic comfort and flexible space solutions.

To address the issue of noise freely travelling down the linear space, over 65 acoustic ceiling rafts have been installed. Made from Creatif’s acoustic polyester material, Mellow, the vertically-suspended panels work to absorb soundwaves that reverberate off of the hard surfaces on display such as glass, hard flooring and solid walls.

Further unwanted sound is trapped in-between the panels, resulting in reduced noise distraction.

Two Solo acoustic moving wall systems have also been installed at one end of the office to provide reconfigurable space.

The first of the two systems features 8 panels which are configured in an L-shape, resulting in a visually and acoustically private meeting space accessible via a lockable pass door. The panels feature custom graphics, consistent with those seen elsewhere within the space.

Within the centre of this meeting room is a second Solo system made up of 5 panels which can be used to divide the space in half, forming two smaller private meeting rooms – the second of which is accessible via a sliding door attached to a fixed wall. 

All 5 panels feature a drywipe surface on both sides, providing useful writing space for collaborative working, presentations and more.

All 13 of the panels across both systems can be stacked away in a matter of minutes when a larger, open space is required.

No floor track is required for either system, meaning the floor remains free from physical obstruction and does not interfere with the hardwood flooring used.

Solo panel layout plan
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