Micro Focus, Cambridge

Acoustic ceiling rafts created with ReSound, along with Mellow polyester rafts and suspended screens.

While there are many benefits to an open plan workspace, they can often suffer from poor acoustics as sound is able to freely travel without resistance. With this in mind, Creatif was approached by Build Generation to provide a number of acoustic solutions when tasked with fitting out the Cambridge-based office of software company, Micro Focus.

Horizontally-hung ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts are super effective when it comes to absorbing excess reverberation within an interior space. A total of 14 fabric-wrapped panels were installed, along with over 40 circular ceiling rafts made from Creatif’s Mellow acoustic polyester.

In addition to their absorption qualities, both the ReSound and Mellow rafts trap sound between the panel and ceiling, helping to minimise noise distraction caused when the space is occupied by multiple members of staff.

Three large Mellow polyester screens suspended using wires were also installed to act as a space divider between two seating areas. The central panel features a cut-out of the Micro Focus, which appears to glow as light shines through.

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