Motability, London

3 flexible space solutions for 1 workspace using Float, Linera & Solo

When the fit out experts at Area were tasked with creating a brand new workspace for Motability Operations, they approached Creatif to provide three separate moving wall systems to fit three very different space division needs.

Our Float gliding panel system not only helps to divide two large and densely populated areas within the space, but also provides collaborative working opportunities thanks to the writable surfaces. Glazed sections at the top and bottom of each Float panel allow for light transfer.

The lightweight and easy-to-move panels move along a single ceiling track, and can be neatly stacked away when needed without any obstructive floor track. Simple foot bolts allow the panels to remain securely in place when required.

Next, our Linera straight sliding doors – finished with a natural wood to compliment the interior – were used to create privacy within a team meeting room.

Sliding into a pocket parallel with the room’s exterior wall, Linera can be completely hidden from view to create one large, open space when the occasion calls for it.

Finally, our market-leading Solo acoustic moving walls were installed to help divide an open plan area and small meeting room.

This Solo system also features panels with writable surfaces, but in addition provides the highest levels of protection of sound transfer available by significantly reducing noise transfer when fully closed.

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