Moving Wall Servicing & Maintenance FAQs

In addition to manufacturing and installing a wide range of flexible space solutions in the form of moving walls and operable partitions, here at Creatif our expert team provide a number of aftercare solutions to ensure all of our systems remain in full working order.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, courtesy of our aftercare team:

“Why do I need a service contract if the wall is supposed to be such high quality?”

Over 20 years ago, Creatif started life as a company providing moving wall solutions. In that time we have refined our craft to ensure that each and every one of our systems is built to the highest standard – backed up by our 12 month warranty offered from the date of installation.

That being said; this does not eliminate it from things going wrong for any number of reasons. From simple user errors causing damage to internal mechanisms through to floods… We’ve seen it all!

For these reasons, a maintenance contract ensures peace of mind.

Where faults are caused by user error, our engineers are happy to offer a full demonstration when servicing the system.

“Once I have a service contract how quickly can you come visit if we have an issue?”

Upon taking out a maintenance contract with Creatif, a time and date can be arranged to suit your needs and working hours.

We can generally work to 2-3 days notice depending on availability of engineers., but our aftercare team will do their very best to help should more urgent assistance be required.

“Do we have to have our system serviced by Creatif?”

While its not compulsory to have it serviced by Creatif, as manufacturers and installers of the system there is nobody that can service our walls better than we can.

As well as our engineers being  some of the most experienced professionals in the UK, we have access to the original manufacture and installation notes while enables us to avoid delays when it comes to things like matching parts like-for-like.

“Can I not just call you if I have a problem?”

You can, however a maintenance contract is a much more cost effective option.

An initial call out charge cost, plus a return visit to install parts and the cost of parts themselves outweighs our initial contract.

“What is the average cost of replacement parts?”

All of our moving wall systems are made to order and contain a high number of moving parts, both within the panel and track. Unfortunately, for this reason it is impossible to list a price.

However, in our experience parts are generally more expensive than the different between the Platinum and *Gold tier maintenance contracts that we offer.

Click here for more information on the packages we offer.

“Is there any discount available for multi-year maintenance contracts?”

Yes, we are able to provide 10% discount for all multi-year deals.

“Our wall has not been used much due to a reduced workforce over the past 24 months, so why would we need it servicing?”

One of the most common reasons for repair is when a moving wall system has been left stagnant for an extended period of time, as without use parts can occasionally become stiff, hard to use and this can result in damage.

“Does it need to be serviced by law?”

Without proof that you have complied with relevant health and safety law, any liability as a result of an accident and potential injuries will be the site owner or manager’s responsibility – which extends to moving wall systems, as all moving parts in an office must be serviced and kept to a working standard.

With this in mind we advise that all systems are inspected at least once every 12 months.

Click here for more information on H&S relating to moving wall systems.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our aftercare team, please send an email to:

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