Newcastle University, Newcastle

Solo acoustic moving wall with interchangeable, high definition graphics.

Newcastle University needed a moving wall to divide a large open space within one of its laboratories. To complicate matters, the university also needed that wall to reduce reverberation within that space too.

And, what they also really wanted was an installation that was visually spectacular and transform the lab into a stimulating and engaging place to work and learn. Working with the main contractor overseeing the project, Creatif was brought on board to manufacture and install three bespoke Solo aRT systems – a brilliant combination of art, acoustics and an operable wall, all in one revolutionary system.

Based on the renowned Solo moving wall system, Solo aRT has an acoustic lining fitted to the surface of each panel. This is covered by a fabric facing material suitable for full colour printing to absolutely any design.

‘aRT’ stands for acoustic reverberation time, but for the University, the Acoustic aRT panels meant that it could choose the perfect artwork for the space and fit it right across the wall.

Picking high-resolution images of historical landmarks in and around Newcastle, the end result was astonishing. And no less astonishing was the reduction in reverberation time within the lab!

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