Pinnacle, Welwyn Garden City

Using ReSound and Mellow to provide acoustic comfort in a variety of spaces within the same office.

Creatif was approached by Design & Build fit-out specialists Parogon to provide a variety of acoustic solutions and a number of screens to help divide space at the Hertfordshire-based home of Pinnacle Consulting Engineers.

The office is home to a sizeable breakout space, offering a variety of seating options and kitchen facilities.

Multiple people using the same space will of course result in more noise, and where hard surfaces are present – such as windows and solid walls – soundwaves reflect, which creates a chaotic sound environment. To address this, Creatif installed a number of custom-sized suspended ceiling grids made from Mellow polyester. In addition to soaking up unwanted noise, the large ceiling grids trap sound within their many voids.

The main open plan working area features several rows of desks. Being another high-traffic area, another acoustic solution was needed. A variety of fabric-wrapped ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts were installed to soak up excessive reverberation.

Lightweight, suspended panels made from Creatif’s Mellow acoustic polyester material were also installed as a simple and stylish space division solution, helping to separate the rows of desks from the rest of the open plan space.

Finally, multiple meeting rooms within the office required similar also treatment due the number of reflective surfaces present.

Installing a number of wall-mounted ReSound acoustic panels has not only addressed the issue of excessive reverberation, but also created a unique focal point in each room.

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