Rapid 7, Belfast

Acoustic solutions across multiple floors

Cyber security firm Rapid7 appointed SPACE to help launch its new European Research and Development Centre at Chichester House, based in the heart of Belfast city. The 50,000 sq.ft. office space is spread over nine storeys, allowing for plenty of room to accommodate Rapid 7’s 250 staff members while providing the long-term flexibility to scale up.

SPACE approached the Creatif team to implement a number of acoustic solutions, starting with the largest open-plan part of this building which contains a variety of seating areas.

When occupied, the high ceilings and plethora of reflective surfaces increase sound reverberation which travels unobstructed across the space, resulting in a lack of acoustic comfort.

The issue was addressed using our ReSound acoustic wall panels and horizontally-suspended ceiling rafts, which provide a Class A level of acoustic absorbency. Additionally, sound is trapped in the void between the panels and ceiling which adds further protection against unwanted noise.

Meeting rooms and collaboration areas present similar challenge; multiple users in a more confined space can also result in excessive sound reverberation when hard surfaces are present – a problem which is further amplified when videoconferencing equipment is introduced.

Once again, our ReSound acoustic wall panels and ceiling rafts were installed to help absorb unwanted sound within a number of spaces designed for collaboration across several floors of the building – resulting in minimized noise distraction, increased acoustic comfort and clearer conversations for those on either end of video calls.

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