Scattergood & Johnson, Leeds

Colourful, Class A acoustic treatment.

For its refurbished headquarters in Leeds, Scattergood & Johnson – one of the UK’s biggest distributors of electrical products – wanted a design-led space that was bright, bold and playful.

The company worked with Vergo UK and other partners to achieve this, and we were delighted to have been brought on board to help make the firm’s breakout area an acoustically perfect one.

From initial plans and research, it became clear the main breakout and dining area would suffer from extremely high levels of reverberation.

After discussing the problem with key stakeholders, we set about transforming the aesthetics and acoustics of the space. The brief stated we had to be bright and creative, and keep reverberation time to a minimum.

We’re no strangers to being bright and creative, and working in conjunction with all key stakeholders, our design team formulated the perfect acoustic solution.

Our plans called for a series of monochrome acoustic panels spread across the width of one wall. These ascended and then ‘broke free’ transforming into various brightly coloured, triangular ceiling rafts. Suspended from the ceiling, these gave the impression of kites gently floating in the sky, showcasing the audible and visual impact of designled acoustics.

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