SilverDoor, Lancaster

Reconfigurable space made possible with Domino and Solo.

Located on Dalton Square in the heart of Lancaster, this space – home to global accommodation agents, SilverDoor – has been redeveloped to become one of Lancaster’s most prestigious workspaces.

Creatif was approached for a solution that would enable staff to reconfigure the open-plan first-floor space, eliminating the need for fixed walls.

Utilising our acoustic glass moving wall system, Domino, an outer perimeter was created to establish a defined meeting space with pass-doors at each end allowing easy access when in use.

For when two smaller meeting spaces are required, a Solo acoustic moving wall system was installed which can be used to split the meeting space in half.

Reverting back to a fully open-plan space takes just minutes by simply and safely stacking away the panels from both systems.

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