Software Company, Winnersh

Meeting rooms made dividable with our Solo moving walls, and a stunning ReSound acoustic panel installation.

In early 2022, Creatif was approached by Turner Legg Consulting to assist with flexible space and acoustic solutions after being appointed to fit-out the new offices of a Software Company based in Winnersh.

Two sets of Creatif’s market-leading acoustic moving wall system, Solo, allow the main meeting room to be split into one, two, or three separate spaces. When a single large area is required, the panels can be neatly stacked away, and when smaller spaces are needed they can quickly moved and locked into position.

The acoustic seals which hold each of the panels in place form an effective barrier against sound transfer when the spaces on either side are used simultaneously. The seals also mean no floor track is required, so the carpet remains uninterrupted.


The offices are also home to a fantastic breakout space, designed to encourage social interaction between staff. In addition to the kitchen area and variety of seating options, pool and foosball tables offer a fun way for staff to relax in each others company.

More social interaction inevitably brings with it more noise, too much of which can result in an unpleasant environment. This problem is even more of an issue in interior spaces such as this which contain a large amount of hard, reflective surfaces such as glass.

To enhance acoustic comfort within the space, Creatif supplied and installed an arrangement of vertically-hung ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles. The 40mm thick, fabric-wrapped baffles are a Class A sound absorber, soaking up excessive sound.

Integrated beautifully with a combination of strip and suspended lighting, ReSound helps to create a visual statement from above.

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