Solo Automatic

Fully-Automated Moving Walls

Our Solo moving wall system is a flexible space solution that achieves the highest possible sound ratings for optimum acoustic comfort. Our fully automatic system allows for the re-configuration of space with no manual winding.

Our Solo Automatic panels offer a wide range of finish options, with  optional components such as passdoors, electronic blinds and switchable glass also available.


Our fully-automated system allows the user to position the wall automatically then lock and seal the panels quickly and safely by way of an electronic key-switch. Each panel is driven electrically along the track and contains a wireless two-way control unit which the master control is able to identify & communicate with. Made up of individually operable elements, the fully automatic can be adapted to almost any layout and architectural concept.

The elements are available in several standard designs and can be provided with virtually any surface finish required. The stacking tracks/parking arrangements for accommodating the elements at the end or side of the track are arranged in keeping with the requirements of the application and designed so that the stacked elements take up as little room as possible.

Product Details

Autonomy: Once programmed, each panel moves autonomously to its pre-set location. In the event of a power outage, the partition can still be operated using the back-up battery.

Hinge System: This offers superior engineering and quality. Our innovative hinge allows full adjustment of the door in three dimensions. Thus, when the door is closed, there is no element that contradicts the continuity of the wall.

Control Info: Low voltage electrical contacts are housed in our aluminium profiles, it guarantees ease of operation and safe electrical flow between the panels. Automatic seals are electronically activated and panels slide easily through a 2-point trolley system on an anodized aluminium track.

Door Handle: Our inset pass doors are perceived as the most advanced design in the market. All handles are manufactured in Germany in high-grade stainless steel. Choose between flush handle and pull handle.

Automatic Blinds: It’s one thing to enjoy the benefits of blinds to block light and give you privacy. With electric blinds, you can easily control then through the touchpad or your smartphone, and also program them to open and close at certain times, connect to light sensors, movement sensors, etc.

Switchable Glass: A smart glass or switchable glass uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage.

It can be controlled through the touchpad, or a smartphone, and also programmed to switch on or off during certain times, connected to light sensors, movement sensors, etc.


Config A

Config B

Config C

Config D

Panel Types

Standard Panel

Glazed Panel

Fixed Telescopic Panel

Single Inset Passdoor (glazed or solid)

Control Options

Key Switch: Simply insert the key and turn the switch to operable the moving panels.

Controller App: Where more complex layouts with multiple configurations are required, or when features such as switchable glass and electronic blinds are incorporated into the design, panels can be controller via a handy app on both smartphone and tablet.


Technical Info

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.


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