Mellow Polyester Acoustic Timber Slats

Acoustic Panels

Our UK-made Mellow Acoustic Timber Slat panels from are one of the most advanced, durable and beautiful products available today for reducing echo and reverberant noise levels in workspace environments.

Timber slats – available in 5 timber options – are applied onto our black Mellow acoustic polyester (60% recycled plastic content), creating an unrivalled acoustic design medium that works on walls, ceilings and as a face finish to our moving wall systems.

The panels are used extensively in workspace environments, schools, universities, theatres, leisure centres, concert halls, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, hotels and other areas where sound absorption is required.


Colour Options

Mellow Timber Slats are available in a selection of 5 veneer finishes, all of which come as standard on a black polyester backing.

Grey Oak (veneer)

Smoked Oak (veneer)

Light Oak (veneer)

Walnut (veneer)

Charcoal Grey (veneer)


Technical Information

Mellow Acoustic Timber Slat panels offer a combination of natural beauty with durability, versatility and excellent sound absorption.

The panels are used on walls and ceilings to create a high quality decorative and acoustic environment, made with our black Mellow polyester backing with a facing timber slat available in a selection of 5 timber options.

Mellow Timber Slat Acoustic Panels allow for a secure installation without the added aesthetic of visible trims. Instead, each panel is manufactured to a fixed size 605 x 2,400 x 22mm.

The panels can be cut down or have an aperture introduced for light fittings, sockets etc. using a circular saw.

Cutting: Mellow Slat can be cut with a circular saw & hand saw

Cleaning: Light dirt marks may be removed by using a damp cloth. A small area should be tested before doing the rest of the area to ensure that the Timber is not adversely affected.

Panel Size: 1200mm x 3000mm (note that the Mellow backing has a joint at 2400mm).

Absorption: Direct to wall fix = Class B; 50mm air gap = Class A

Specification: 11mm x 27mm square edged timber slats at 40mm centres, Mellow PET backing.

Fire Rating: Fire resistance class B-s1, d0.

Fixing: Secret Fix on split battens on wall or MF on ceiling Acoustic Insulation: 48kg/m2  wool and black acoustic tissue Mechanical Properties: No live load is permitted

Accessibility: Demountable if installed with mechanical fixing

Installation: In accordance with standard details, drawings to be provided.

Weight: 9kg sq mtr

Materials: PET polyester, MDF and veneer


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