Freestanding Screens

Freestanding Screens offer a practical, stylish and cost effective space division solution. To ensure rigidity, Mellow screen panels are made from 24mm thick compressed recycled polyester.

In addition to a wide range of colours to choose from, aluminium feet and joining clips allow for further customisation. Panels are available in a variety of sizes and can feature cut-out sections, allowing for endless design possibilities.

Step 1

Choose your panel size and design.

The panels start life as a 1,200mm x 2,400mm sheet, before being cut to your desired size. Once you have selected a panel size, you will also need to choose whether to have rounded or squared corners.

✔ 24mm thickness

✔ Width: from 200mm to 1,000mm

✔ Height: from 1,200mm to 2,000mm

✔ Square or rounded corners

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, Mellow panels can be designed to incorporate patterns and designs to compliment any space. 

Step 2

Choose your colour…


*Rose Fleck




*Orange Fleck



*Pink Fleck




*Yellow Fleck


*Green Fleck


*Dark Turquoise





*Dark Blue Fleck

Dark Blue

Light Blue


*Light Blue Fleck

Stone Grey

*Purple Fleck


*Blue Grey

*Smoke Grey

Light Grey

Charcoal Grey



*Light Ivory

*Ivory Fleck



Step 3

While all freestanding Mellow panels come with an aluminium foot plate (which can be RAL painted to any colour), multiple panels can be joined together to create different layout configurations with the added help of our panel-joining brackets, which can easily be screwed in.

If you are unsure about the layout required or anticipate frequent change and want to make the space as flexible as possible, multiple foot plates and brackets can be supplied.

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