Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels are attractive, cost-effective and easy-to-install modular tiles that reduce reverberation and vastly improve acoustic comfort.

The ideal choice for offices, meeting rooms, call centres, atriums, restaurants, classrooms, school halls, areas utilizing AV, teleconferencing and video conferencing equipment, ReSound Wall Panels can be installed as feature panels or used to cover large wall areas.

ReSound Wall Panels are hard-wearing, durable and impact resistant which makes them suitable for areas where the panels will be susceptible to being touched.

Panels can also be supplied in custom shapes and sizes, with a wide range of fabric options to compliment the visual aesthetic of any interior.

Max Size: 2,700mm



Light dirt marks may be removed by using appropriate carpet spot cleaner. A small area should be tested before doing the rest of the area to ensure that the fabric is not adversely affected.


Our ReSound panels weigh in at 3.5kg/m2 for the 25mm thickness panels. 40mm thickness panels weigh 4.5kg/m2. Note: All weights are given as approximations.


ReSound core board has been tested and offers Class O fire rating to BS476: Part 6. Fabric facing complies with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. Class O fabrics can be supplied on request.


ReSound panels can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife.



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