Elegant Glass Gliding Walls

Sense is a system of beauty – probably the world’s most elegant and slim glass gliding wall system that combines luxury and sophistication in one. Open, close and reconfigure spaces very quickly and easily with this innovative system that incorporates slim profiles and integrated glazing bars if required.

The lightweight, manually-operated moving wall panels allow for quick and easy movement while providing up to 30dB sound insulation when closed (pending laboratory testing).

Each system incorporates a glazed door, hidden hinges and an aluminium profile available in a range of finishes such as intumescent paint, galvanising, anodising and powder coating to compliment any interior.

Sense Floor Guided is available as centre- or side-stacking.

Sense top-hung utilises our Lite head tracks and all the remote stacking options that are possible with this system.

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System Types

Floor Guided

Continuous wall interconnected by hidden hinges, with its weight suspended and guided by the floor track.

Top Hung

Suspended independent panels, twin suspension without floor track. Manual floor lock/latch system. 


Suspended independent panels, single suspension without floor track. Manual floor lock/latch system.

Technical Info

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.


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