Unlocking Workspace Potential with Moving Walls and Sliding Panels

It is a well-known and understood fact that the office is a critical resource that enables human connection and interaction. Companies are more aware of this than ever before, especially as we face an increasingly hybrid and agile working world. They are having to adapt and change – to quote WeWork “a user-centric approach to workspace is the key to keeping them energised, engaged and productive.”

At Creatif we have been working with workspace users, designers and consultants for 20yrs, helping to create high-performance workspaces that are flexible, reconfigurable and acoustically comfortable. This article focus specifically on how moving walls and sliding panels can be utilised in the workspace to create reconfigurable and flexible workspace.

Typically moving walls are implemented wherever space needs to be opened and closed. This ranges from Boardrooms to the Open-plan and anything in between.

More recently, however, in response to the needs of a highly collaborative and energetic workforce, we are seeing the Open-plan demanding sliding panel systems that provide not only space segregation but also a surface to write on and stick things to. In these instances, Float Agile Sliding Panels are the answer – huge range of panel finish options, all on sliding tracks, that empower the user to create space, change space and, at the same time, integrating a functional surface that enhances their ability to express themselves, to collaborate and to co-create.

Workspace is also expensive – companies are implementing moving walls to enable space to work harder for them. A large Boardroom used once a quarter for a Board Meeting is not an efficient use of space, especially when considering the cost per square foot of prime workspace. Moving Walls are utilised in these instances to sub-divide Boardrooms, creating several rooms out of one. This unlocks prime meeting space without removing the ability to use the space as a large Boardroom when required.

Opening up the front elevation of a large Boadroom is another way of utilising floorspace efficiently. We are seeing Boardrooms and Meeting rooms incorporating flexible furniture that can move about as the space re-configures – opening up the Meeting space by sliding back an elevational moving wall enables the open-plan areas to re-size to suit.

Moving walls and sliding panels truly are the very best solution for unlocking workspace potential, enabling a space to adapt and flex and supporting the current hybrid and agile working models.

Contact Creatif’s reconfigurable space experts to discuss how moving walls and sliding panels can benefit your project or workspace.

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