Weetwood Hall, Leeds

Our Linera straight sliding door system with interchangeable, washable graphics.

Weetwood Hall, situated in the leafy suburbs of north Leeds, is one of Yorkshire’s finest hotels, offering guests a wide range of facilities such as a spa, function rooms, locally-sourced cuisine and much more. The building’s exterior dates, in places, back to 1540 and is a stark constrast to the luxurious and modern interiors that lie within.

As part of a refurbishment, Creatif was tasked by contractor RDF Building to provide a straight sliding wall that could be hidden from view to reveal a fully-stocked bar as and when required.

Being easy to use and capable of opening up and enclosing space in seconds, our Linera sliding panel system was the obvious solution. To showcase Weetwood Hall’s heritage and standing within the Leeds area, the Linera system installed featured fabric-wrapped graphics depicting the Leeds skyline.

And, being a Creatif product, these graphics can be quickly peeled off to be washed – or even updated – quickly and efficiently.

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