Weightmans, Leeds

Mellow acoustic ceiling baffles printed to match an interior featuring a variety of wooden textures.

Weightmans LLP is a top 45 UK law firm which employs over 1,200 people across 8 sites around the country. Wanting to renovate their Leeds site at No1 Whitehall Riverside in the city centre, Weightmans approached commercial interior design, fit-out and furniture services specialist, Ben Johnson Interiors.

Part of Ben Johnson Interiors’ space planning work was to ensure that the variety of workspace solutions (quiet areas, agile working areas) could co-exist harmoniously, so the acoustics were a key aspect of the solution we proposed. Having successfully worked on a number of bespoke acoustic projects in the past, Ben Johnson Interiors approached Creatif for a solution.

Within the open plan space, an arrangement of vertically-hung ceiling baffles sits above a collaboration area. These sound absorbing panels are made from Creatif’s Mellow acoustic polyester material, and feature a high-quality printed finish designed to match the stunning wooden textures on show throughout the space.

A second arrangement of acoustic baffles made using Mellow were also installed within the office’s ‘Social Hub’ – a breakout space with a fully equipped kitchen, designed for staff relax, eat and interact.

Why not use baffles made from real wood? Simple… While beautiful, timber reflects sound soundwaves which has a negative impact on acoustic comfort. In contrast, Creatif’s Mellow polyester absorbs sound which results in reduced reverberation within the space.

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