Catapult Transport Systems, MK

A sheer glass, top-hung acoustic glass moving wall in the form of our Clarity system.

Catapult Transport Systems was created to drive and promote Intelligent Mobility – using new and emerging technologies to transport people and goods more smartly and efficiently.

Centrally located in the new town of Milton Keynes, TCS’s “Imovation Centre” is a world-class collaboration space for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders and people passionate about how technology can improve transport systems. For example – think self-driving cars… It doesn’t get more 21st century than that!

Being such a forward-thinking company, it comes as no surprise that their offices are cutting edge. It should also come as no surprise that the architect responsible for this project, turned to Creatif for a forward-thinking flexible space solution.

Our sheer glass, top-hung acoustic moving wall system, Insight, proved to be the best solution for separating TCS’s collaborative environment and teleconferencing room, whilst allowing the transfer of natural light.

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