Acoustic Glass Moving Walls

Insight is a very special kind of moving wall with maximum transparency and optimum acoustics.

Insight features superb engineering. Each panel is formed from a 90mm aluminium frame overclad either side with 6mm toughened glass. The frame is concealed by an ultra-thin frit on the inside face in any RAL colour.

The philosophy of precise engineering carries through to the internal mechanisms. Basic panels have extension rods within the frame and the final panel in a run features a telescopic nose in a solid material. Alternatively, an expanding jamb can be specified. Insight from Creatif is the only glass moving wall system to offer a fully glazed pass door, both inset and full-height. The acoustic performance of Insight is a truly remarkable Rw 45db.

Insight Gallery

Technical Info

Config A: Twin-point, H-park

Config B: Twin-point, Offset Stack

Config C: Twin-point, Linear Stack

Config D: Twin-point, H-park Split

Config E: Twin-point, Split Offset Track

Config F: Single-point

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.


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