Here East, London

Letting light in, keeping sound out with Insight and Solo semi automatic acoustic moving walls.

Creatif was approached to manufacture and install two moving wall systems that would allow for the reconfiguration of a managed workspace located at Here East; an innovation and technology campus situated in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London.

A glazed system was requested to allow for the transfer of natural light from the glass exterior of the building when fully closed. 

Insight – Creatif’s acoustic glass moving wall system – was selected thanks to it’s effectiveness at to stopping the transfer of sound, while also allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through possible thanks to the slim profiles and frame.

Comprising of 10 fully-glazed panels, the system features automatic seals operated by a switch, meaning there is no need for manual winding using an operating handle.

The Insight panels can be stacked away in minutes, giving the option of a large open workspace, or a private meeting space.

Two fully-glazed pass door panels – one at each end of the set – allow access to the meeting space, which can be further split in two thanks to a Solo acoustic moving wall system running down the centre of the room.

The Solo system – which also features automatic seals – is just as effective when it comes to blocking the transfer of noise, allowing meetings to take place on both sides of the wall without distraction or lack of privacy.

Insight Panel Elevation
Insight & Solo panel layout plan
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