Lindsays, Edinburgh

Solo moving walls used for flexible space.

Ranked by The Times as one of the UK’s best law firms, Lindays prides itself on its principles of flexibility, approachability and excellent customer service.

The firm has been in existence for over 200 years and has long been at the forefront of modern workplace thinking, being an early adopter of the open plan office amongst other concepts we take as a given today. After a series of mergers and an increase in staff numbers, Lindsays’ head office in Edinburgh was beginning to feel the strain, and decided on an office re-fit over relocating entirely.

After working with the fit out company on previous projects and their familiarity with us, we were also invited to propose a series of moving walls – one acoustic and one glass – to help divide the Edinburgh office’s main meeting areas. With high acoustic capabilities, Solo was the obvious choice for the first set, though this wasn’t to be another standard white wall.

Taking on board what was required, we let the design teams know that we’d be able to wrap the wall in Camira’s popular Blazer fabric to create a unique acoustic wall that would match the office’s sleek and contemporary design scheme. For the glass wall, we proposed the use of our Insight system.

With a 90mm frame and toughened glass, Insight can achieve a 45dB rating and it also offers designers a wide range of practical benefits simply not found on other glass systems – such as full-height and inset pass doors, as well as a myriad of different colour options for the frames. Impressed with our capabilities, both suggestions were included in the final design. 

Making an impressive visual statement, the combination of the use of our moving walls and acoustic booths create a flexible working space that can be tailored to meet the needs of a dynamic and forward-thinking company.

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