Re-configurability in the Work Place

A solution offering more flexibility, better performance and organisation”.[1]

Re-configurability implies a greater potential than any other – something that promises, or has the capacity to provide, a greater benefit than something else.  It’s one of the core concepts that underpin our range of flexible sliding panels and integrated moveable wall systems.

Addressing The Needs Of A Modern Work Environment

There is absolutely no doubt that the events of the past few years have irrevocably changed the way we do work and where it gets done.  Indeed, in this post-Covid world the traditional 9 – 5 working day spent in an office building somewhere is fast becoming obsolete.  In some places it already has as hybrid models become increasingly attractive to companies globally.

This now presents a challenge for employers who would like their workforce to be as comfortable and as happy in the office as they are at home. Employee wellness is high on the agenda – the working-from-home experience has had unexpected outcomes and companies today are trying to get to grips with this. What does this mean for their physical workplace environment? How can companies create environments that support their workforce resulting in happy and productive teams?

It starts with having an attractive, comfortable and effective workspace environment that creates desire for staff to be present in the office, then supporting them ongoing to encourage them to maintain physical attendance. Then, coupled with that, is the need for workspaces of today to be such that they attract and retain talent – employees are now looking at the kind of working model companies are offering alongside considering the physical workplace environment too.

Solving The Unattractive Work Place Environment

Ultimately, any workable solution is going to require a lot more flexibility around what employees are offered in the way of working conditions and workplace environment.  It will involve embracing polices like adaptable working hours that better cater for the desire of modern-day employees to work when they want and how they want. 

It will also involve designing flexible, re-configurable workplace environments that offer equal or better benefits than home offices i.e. privacy, security, comfort.  In particular, having the option to configure one’s own workspace to suit is something many would not have with a home office.  At the same time, the workplace must retain the functionality needed for optimal efficiency and productivity. 

We know that in the vast majority of workspace environments, fixed walls and static offices are a barrier to space efficiency and productivity. However, truly open plan offices are not ideal either as they are disruptive and full of distractions. The best solution are spaces that are a mix of both – a design that can be flexibly configured to create private office spaces but also opened up to create collaborative open areas when needed. 

A space comprising of flexible spaces made with panels and walls that can be moved or slid to wherever they’re needed, whenevr they are needed is a massive benefit to any workspace.

Introducing Re- Configurability: Making User-Friendly, Productive Work Environments

This is re-configurability – the ability to quickly, effectively, and repeatedly re-configure spaces to accommodate the changing needs of those who work in these spaces.  Our moving walls and sliding panels are perfect for this as they can be rapidly and safely deployed around the space, on-demand at any time. A highly-effective enabler for modern working models such as agile and hybrid.

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