Best Projects of 2020

Well, by all accounts 2020 has been “different”. One thing that hasn’t changed though is our passion for helping to shape perfect workspace – so with that in mind we decided to take a look back at the 5 most popular projects (based on website page views) from the last 12 months.

A huge thanks to all of the Project Managers, Designers, Consultants, Partners, Customers, Photographers and everybody else who has helped us to deliver such amazing results in what has been a challenging year for all. And of course to you, our fantastic readers for continuing to take the time to read our case studies.

Scattergood & Johnson, Leeds

From initial plans and research, it became clear the main breakout and dining area would suffer from extremely high levels of reverberation at the Leeds-based headquarters of Scattergood & Johnson – one of the UK’s biggest distributors of electrical products.

The company worked with Vergo UK and other partners to achieve a design-led space that is bright, bold and playful.

We’re no strangers to being bright and creative, and working in conjunction with all key stakeholders, our design team formulated the perfect acoustic solution.

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PKF Littlejohn, London

If we’re totally honest, this project completed on behalf of Maris is one of our favourites of 2020 as well, although we appreciate we might be a little biased…

A jaw-dropping ceiling display dominates PKF’s open plan entrance hall, reception and breakout space, creating a lasting first impression that showcases the best of both acoustic and aesthetic design.

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Grant Thornton, Cardiff

Global accounting firm, Grant Thornton, appointed Paramount Interiors to oversee the fit out of its new Cardiff home. The Creatif team were soon brought on board to help the design and fit out company turn its modern vision into a contemporary reality.

We supplied a number of solutions including our Domino wall was chosen to open the boardroom up to the rest of the open plan office and a number of Cube acoustic booths to allow for collaborative working.

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Grosvenor House, Sheffield

As the old saying goes; “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and although that may sound a bit cliché, we’re sure you’ll agree that is applies to this next project at Grosvenor house in Sheffield.

We supplied and installed a number of flexible space and acoustic solutions, such as the suspended Mellow screens you see above.

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BSI Group, London

We are always encouraging our clients and partners to consider the fact that acoustic solutions do not have to compromise on the design of an interior space, when they can be used to enhance it. This project – which features over 140 of our ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles – is a great example.

And of course, the main benefit to Class A acoustic treatment is a reduction is reverberation and ultimately noise distraction. Our involvement helped transform BSI’s main meeting space from one that could barely handle a small group meeting due to its poor acoustics to one that can hold over 100 people and host a variety of events.

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If you’d like to see any of our other Projects, you can view them here. Thanks again to everybody who helped to bring these fantastic workspaces from design to reality. And of course, stay tuned for more case studies in the new year!

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